19476-Mashad Handmade/Hand-Knotted Persian Rug/Carpet Authentic


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19476-Mashad Handmade/Hand-Knotted Persian Rug/Carpet Authentic

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NR: 19476
Location: Mashad
Size: 11‘8″ x 8’4″
Country: Iran
Pile: Wool
Base: Cotton



Mashads can be divided into two groups: Mashad and Mashad Turkish.  Both of these kinds are woven on vertical looms which are mostly grouped in small craft centers.  The warp and weft are in cotton and the number of knots per square inch varies from 100 to 200.  The difference between these two groups lies in the knot: the Mashad uses the Persian knot and the Mashad Turkish, as the name implies, uses the Turkish knot.


Mashad Turkish carpets owe their origin to the initiative of a group of merchants from Tabriz who, in the last century, organized some carpet-making centers at Mashad.  Both the Mashad and Mashad Turkish carpets use the floral design known as Islim, i.e. snake.  In fact, the whole field of Mashad carpets is covered with a very clear, thin snake-line, which twists its way over the whole area.  The central medallion is mostly round.

The colours are vivid with a great deal of reds and blues.  The border is formed by two or more guards which are narrow and decorated with small floral motifs, and by a central, wide band decorated either with the floral Islim motif or with a floral motif which is often enclosed in a rectangular or diamond-shaped surround.

Mashad produces some small rugs, but most of their output is confined to larger room-size carpets.  Some Mashads that employ herati decorations (diamond-shaped geometric forms with floral heads both inside and surrounding) may be marketed under the more general heading of Khorassan.  Indian weavers produce copies of Mashad schemes.

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