19993-Kashmar Hand-Knotted/Handmade Persian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic


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19993-Kashmar Hand-Knotted/Handmade Persian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic

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NR: 19993
Location: Kashmar
Size: 13’4 x 10’0
Pile: Wool
Base: Cotton



Kashmars are hand-knotted on a vertical loom using a cotton warp and weft.  The pile is of high quality wool which is cropped quite close.  The density ranges from 300 knots per square inch and higher.


Kashmar is a small town in the Khorassan province of east Persia, between Mashad and Birjand, noted for fine quality carpets in the unusual zirhaki or ‘under-the-earth’ design.  Kashmar is also unusual in that it tends to make more carpet-sized items than smaller carpets.  In addition to the zirhaki scheme, medallion-and-corner carpets are produced in the Kashan style.  Kashmars are very colorful and also have a lot of vases and animals in their design.

The carpet industry in Kashmar has declined to only about 100 craftsmen thus making Kashmar very rare.  Older Kashmars have become very rare and prized.

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Kashmars are fairly expensive, but generally well made and very attractive (particularly after the brighter colors have had time to mellow).  Zirhaki designs in particular are good investments.

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