15903-Bokhara Hand-Knotted/Handmade Russian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic


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15903-Bokhara Hand-Knotted/Handmade Russian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic

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NR: 15903
Location: Bokhara (Antique 1920-1930)
Size: 2’0”x 1’7”
Country: Russia
Pile: Wool
Base: Wool




Bokhara rug designs have originated from the Samarkand and Bokhara Region.  Bokhara rugs in ancient times were hand-woven by peoples of Russian Turkistan (Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan).  Bokhara rugs were primarily the product of Tekke Turkmens but also were made by sailors, Sarqs, Yomuts, and Ersaris.  These famous Bokhara designs also come from eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Bokhara rugs hold a high place in history and compete with the best in the world.  Bokharas are a traditional piece of art suitable for any interior decor.  Bokhara rug popularity has been on the increase in recent years and the quality and workmanship are very consistent with ancient methods.


Bokharas are made of finely spun, soft wool.  New Zealand wool is commonly used, and this can make a shiny, glossy finish that almost looks like silk.  Fine examples are often closely clipped (so that their intricate designs are crisp and clear), but some are left especially thick for their quality.  Red and rust fields are most common colors, but can have ivory, navy, green, slate, teal, peach, rose or orange backgrounds.

Bokhara rugs have small, repeating geometric designs and are normally fine quality.  A popular Bokhara design, the elephant foot and octagonal ‘gul’ motifs tend to look best in smaller sizes that make the most of the intricate pattern.  Bokhara rugs are not the hardest wearing rugs.  Bokharas are recommended more for decorative use than high traffic areas.  Bokharas usually come in greens, reds, whites, and browns. You’ll hear these also referred to as Beshir, Turkoman, or Samarkand rugs.

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