20057-Meshkin Hand-Knotted/Handmade Persian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic


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20057-Meshkin Hand-Knotted/Handmade Persian Rug/Carpet Tribal/Nomadic Authentic

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NR: 20057
Location: Meshkin  
Size: 4’2″ x 2’3″
Country: Iran
Pile: Wool
Base: Cotton



Meshkins are coarsely woven carpets from the Heriz region of northwest Iran, noted for their bold, Caucasian-inspired designs and earthly colouring. Meshkin or Meshkin-Shahr is a small town located to the west of Ardebil and the north of Mount Sabalan. The old name for Meshkin was “Kheyav.” Pastoral nomads largely populate the rich pastures of this region. Although in Meshkin many people are engaged in handicrafts, the economy is mainly dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry.


These double-wefted carpets are contemporary adaptations of older Caucasian-style carpets.  In the typical Meshkin, three octagonal medallions are worked in Turkish knots on a semi-open, geometrically patterned field.  However, unlike the Caucasian models, the Meshkin is hand-knotted on cotton warps.  Meshkins are made in a full range of sizes, from mats to room-sized carpets, as well as in very narrow runners. They can be quite attractive and cheap.  In appearance they are more similar to Ardebil than Heriz.  Copies of Meshkins are made in India.  Ironically, some of these are more costly than the originals.

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Meshkins are some of the least expensive Persian carpets, but fewer and fewer are now being exported; therefore, they are becoming harder to find.  Thus, their investment potential is increasing.

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